Web Application Firewall

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Price details

Price list

Types Price Price unit
Premium Edition $429.85 Dollar/Month
Enterprise Edition $1,026.87 Dollar/Month
Expand Domain Pack $89.55 Dollar/Month/Peice
Business bandwidth (cloud WAF) $14.93 Dollar/month/Mbps

Sales Instructions

There are two types of instances of WAF: cloud WAF and SLB_WAF, which can be selected according to business needs. For details, please refer to the documentation center https://docs.ksyun.com/documents/457;

Each instance package includes a domain name package (a domain name package contains 1 first-level domain name and 9 related second-level domain names);

Each cloud WAF instance includes free service bandwidth: 10Mbps for premium version and 30Mbps for enterprise version;

Each instance package supports up to 10 domain name packages;

Support areas are: Beijing 6, Shanghai 2, Guangzhou 1, Beijing Finance, Shanghai Finance;