Storage Traffic

最近更新时间:2020-04-03 03:11:20

Storage traffic

Storage traffic report. The query conditions include project, region, Bucket, storage type and time. You can manually select a specific Bucket in a region under a project. The default statistics period is the last 30 days. You can choose the last 7 days, the current month, and the custom start and end dates.


The storage traffic report pages display the upload and download traffic within a specified period of time in the form of line charts. You can click the corresponding texts to display or hide the corresponding data.


In addition to the line chart, there are four kinds of donut charts to show the proportion of each isp, the proportion of each region, the proportion of uploading of each Bucket, and the proportion of downloading of each Bucket:

  • isp proportion: Count the proportion of each isp’s traffic under the user account
  • Region proportion: Count the proportion of traffic changes in different regions under the user account by IP
  • Bucket upload proportion: Count the upload traffic proportion of each Bucket under the user account
  • Bucket download proportion: Count the download traffic proportion of each Bucket under the user account, as shown below:


You can hover the mouse over the donut chart to see the details: