Use Picture Styles

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Use picture styles

KS3 supports to process pictures through native styles, specifically, connecting the style strings via @[email protected]; at the same time, it supports to access via style names: the original image [email protected]@style name.


Original image

There is a test sample picture in our test Bucket, which can be accessed through the link below.

Use Picture Styles


You can add a watermark to the picture. On the basis of the above picture, we add a watermark of "Kingsoft Cloud" texts. The result can be obtained in two methods:

Method 1:[email protected]@tag=imgScale&q=100&format=PNG|tag=imgWaterMark&type=2&dissolve=65&gravity=NorthWest&text=6YeR5bGx5LqR&font=6buR5L2T&fill=I2ZmMA==&fontsize=500&dy=10&dx=10

Method 2:[email protected]@shuiyin

Use Picture Styles


For a thumbnail with a length of 100 and a width of 100, with center cropping, two methods can be used to obtain the result:

Method 1:[email protected]@scale

Method 2:[email protected]@tag=imgScale&m=1&c=1&q=85&w=100&h=100

Use Picture Styles