Restore Files

最近更新时间:2020-04-03 02:53:59

Restore files

The operation of restoring files is limited for the archiving-storage files.

After files are uploaded to the archiving Bucket, they will be automatically stored as archive files, “frozen” by default. Before accessing the files, you need to restore them first.

The operation is as follows:

  1. Select the files to be restored, and click the [restore] button on the right.


  1. In the confirmation box that pops up, click the [OK] button.


  1. After the “restore” status is submitted, the file will be in a “restoring” state, in which the server will perform the “restore” operation. The “restoring” state will last for 1 to 10 minutes.


  1. After the server completes the “restoring” task, the files will enter the “restored” state. At this time, the user can read the files. The “restored” state will last for 24 hours by default. If the Restore Object interface is called within 24 hours, the “restored” state will be automatically extended for 24 hours, up to 7 days at most. After that, the files will return to the original “frozen” state.