Set the File Name

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Set the file name

This function is only applicable for uploading files by calling Put Object request through API and SDK. When this function is enabled, users can customize the names of files uploaded to Kingsoft Cloud. After the upload is successful, the files will be renamed according to the naming rules set by the user. This rule is not applicable to the files uploaded via web pages and Post Object request.

Operation steps:
  1. Enable and disable the service.

Set the File Name

You can set whether to customize the file names by enabling or disabling the service.

  1. Setting for customizing the file names

The file name consists of five fields at most. And at least one field needs to be selected. If more than two fields are selected, a sorting will be made according to the field selection order.

Field rules: The first field consists of 0-9, a-z and A-Z, with up to 20 characters allowed.

The second field is automatically generated by the system based on the current time, with a format of YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS (where, YYYY—year; MM—month; DD—day; HH—hour; MM—minute; SS—second).

The third field consists of three random numbers. The fourth field is an MD5 check digit automatically generated by the system.

The fifth field is the Sha1 value automatically generated by the system.

Each field is linked by a connector, including: -, _, +, *, \/.

For example: The file name generated based on the selections below is: system +20150605120103 +1c9 +f47454d1d3644127f42070181a8b9afc

Set the File Name