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Provide RDS security group function

Example Usage

»Create a RDS Security GroupL instance

»Create a RDS Security Group instance
resource "ksyun_krds_security_group" "krds_sec_group_13" {
  output_file = "output_file"
  security_group_name = "terraform_security_group_13"
  security_group_description = "terraform-security-group-13"
    security_group_rule_protocol = ""
    security_group_rule_name = "asdf"
    security_group_rule_protocol = ""
    security_group_rule_name = "asdf2"


Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • output_file- (Required) will return the file name of the content store
  • security_group_name-(Required) the name of the security group
  • security_group_description-(Optional)description of security group
  • security_group_rule- (Optional)security group rule
  • security_group_rule_protocol- (Required) format
  • security_group_rule_name- (Required) no more than 256 bytes, only Chinese, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, minus signs and underscores are supported

Attributes Reference

In addition to all arguments above, the following attributes are exported:

  • SecurityGroupId- Security group ID
  • SecurityGroupName- security group name
  • SecurityGroupDescription- Security Group Description
  • Instances- corresponding instance
  • DBInstanceIdentifier- instance ID
  • DBInstanceName-instance name
  • Vip- instance virtual IP
  • SecurityGroupRules- security group rules
  • SecurityGroupRuleId-rule ID
  • SecurityGroupRuleName-rule name
  • SecurityGroupRuleProtocol- rule protocol

»Timeouts NOTE: Available in 1.52.1+.

The timeouts block allows you to specify timeouts for certain actions:

create - (Defaults to 10 mins) Used when creating the db instance (until it reaches the initial Running status).
update - (Defaults to 10 mins) Used when updating the db instance (until it reaches the initial Running status).
delete - (Defaults to 10 mins) Used when terminating the db instance.