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Provides an RDS Read Only instance resource. A DB read only instance is an isolated database environment in the cloud.

Example Usage

»Create a RDS Read Only MySQL instance

resource "ksyun_krds_rr" "my_rds_rr"{
  output_file = "output_file"
  db_instance_identifier= "******"
  db_instance_class= "db.ram.2|db.disk.50"
  db_instance_name = "houbin_terraform_888_rr_1"
  bill_type = "DAY"
  security_group_id = "******"

  parameters {
    name = "auto_increment_increment"
    value = "7"

  parameters {
    name = "binlog_format"
    value = "ROW"

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • output_file- (Required) will return the file name of the content store
  • db_instance_identifier- (Required) passes in the instance ID of the RDS highly available instance. A RDS highly available instance can have at most three read-only instances
  • db_instance_class-(Required)-this value regex db.ram.d{1,3}|db.disk.d{1,5} , db.ram is rds random access memory size, db.disk is disk size
  • db_instance_name- (Required)instance name
  • bill_type- (Required)Bill type, year'month (monthly package), day (daily billing), default: year'month
  • duration- (Optional) purchase duration in months
  • security_group_id- (Optional)security group ID
  • project_id- (Optional) subproject ID
  • parameters- (Optional) database parameters

Attributes Reference

In addition to all arguments above, the following attributes are exported:

  • DBInstanceClass- instance specification
  • Vcpus- number of CPUs
  • Disk- hard disk size
  • Ram- memory size
  • DBInstanceIdentifier- instance ID
  • DBInstanceName- instance name
  • DBInstanceStatus- instance status
  • DBInstanceType- instance type
  • DBParameterGroupId- parameter group ID
  • GroupId- group ID
  • SecurityGroupId- security group ID
  • Vip- virtual IP
  • Port- port number
  • Engine- Database Engine
  • EngineVersion- database engine version
  • InstanceCreateTime- instance creation time
  • MasterUserName- primary account user name
  • DatastoreVersionId- database version
  • Region- region
  • VpcId-virtual private network ID
  • ReadReplicaDBInstanceIdentifiers- read only instance
  • BillType- Bill type
  • MultiAvailabilityZone- Multi availability zone
  • ProductId- Product ID
  • DiskUsed- hard disk usage
  • ProjectId- Project ID
  • ProjectName- project name

NOTE:RDS RR do not support modify

»Attributes Reference The following attributes are exported:

id - The RDS instance ID.
port - RDS database connection port.

»Timeouts NOTE: Available in 1.52.1+.

The timeouts block allows you to specify timeouts for certain actions:

create - (Defaults to 30 mins) Used when creating the db instance (until it reaches the initial Running status).
update - (Defaults to 30 mins) Used when updating the db instance (until it reaches the initial Running status).
delete - (Defaults to 10 mins) Used when terminating the db instance.